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Myopia Management services offered in Anthem, AZ

Myopia (nearsightedness) affects people of all ages, limiting their ability to see clearly. Dr. Thuy Yath, and her team at Better Vision Eyecare in Anthem, Arizona, use MiSight® myopia management one-day soft contact lenses, orthokeratology or low dose atropine drops. Their skill in myopia management prevents your child’s eyesight from getting worse. Scheduling a consultation is easy — simply call Better Vision Eyecare today and speak to a team member. They can answer your questions and confirm your benefits coverage. You can also book your Better Vision Eyecare myopia management exam using the online booking feature.

Myopia Management Q & A

What is Myopia?

Myopia is nearsightedness. You could have myopia if you struggle to read signs until you get close to them. Sometimes the changes happen so gradually that you don’t realize it until your sight is severely affected.

You might develop myopia if your eyeball is too long or the cornea (which protects your outer eye) is too curved. These problems distort light as it enters your eye, so images focus in front of the retina instead of on the retina’s surface as they should. This is why your vision is blurry when you have myopia.

Myopia is a common problem, especially now that people spend so much time looking at screens. The Better Vision Eyecare team specializes in managing myopia in children to ensure they enjoy better sight.


When would my child need myopia management?

Myopia management benefits children starting from age 8-12. You might become aware that your child’s sight needs correcting if they can see clearly close up but struggle as things get farther away.

Other signs your child needs an eye test for myopia include:

  • Headaches
  • Squinting
  • Eye strain
  • Tired eyes

Book an eye test at Better Vision Eyecare if your child has these symptoms. You should also take them for annual eye exams that identify sight problems and eye disorders early.

Children sometimes have myopia without realizing it, affecting their progress at school. Better Vision Eyecare offers routine eye exams to children of all ages and specialized myopia management.


What does myopia management involve?

Better Vision Eyecare uses the MiSight® myopia management one-day soft contact lenses, orthokeratology, and/or low dose atropine drops.

FDA-approved, MiSight daily-wear, single-use contacts are only available with a prescription from your eye doctor. They improve your child’s blurred vision and help them engage with school and enjoy leisure activities.

Orthokeratology is the use of corneal gas permeable contact lens worn during sleeping hours that gently reshapes the surface of the cornea. In the morning the lenses are removed and your child can see clearly all day without daytime glasses or contacts. 

Low dose concentration of atropine can be used alone or in addition with contacts to slow the progression of myopia. This medication may cause side effects such as light sensitivity, larger pupils, and/or blurry near vision. 

Children with myopia have a high risk of further eyesight deterioration as they grow. They might need increasingly stronger prescription lenses and find it harder to be physically active. With myopia management, your child could enjoy better eyesight and improved eye health in later life.

Adults and older children with myopia also benefit from Better Vision Eyecare’s extensive range of corrective contact lenses, specialized contacts, and prescription eyewear.

Call Better Vision Eyecare or book an appointment online today to learn about myopia management.