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Dry Eye services offered in Anthem, AZ

Dry eye is an irritating condition that makes your eyes feel gritty and sore. If you have problems with eye discomfort, visit Dr. Thuy Yath, and her team at Better Vision Eyecare in Anthem, Arizona, where desert conditions make dry eye a familiar problem. They provide conservative care and advanced treatments to help alleviate the symptoms associated with this condition. Ask the doctor about our in-office TearCare® System treatment. Call Better Vision Eyecare today and speak to one of their team members, who will answer your questions or concerns and, if applicable, verify your benefits coverage. You can also schedule an appointment online to get dry eye treatment.

Dry Eye Q & A

What is dry eye?

Dry eye develops when your eyes can’t produce enough moisturizing tears to lubricate your eyeballs properly.

When you blink, healthy eyes produce basal tears. These tears contain nutrients that feed the eye’s outer layers. They also contain oils that keep the eye coated in a protective film and keep your eye from drying out.

Basal tears differ from those you cry in response to an emotional stimulus. If your eyes stop making sufficient basal tears or the makeup of the basal tears changes, you can develop dry eye.


What symptoms does dry eye cause?

If you have dry eye, you can experience various eye problems, including:

  • Burning
  • Stinging
  • Scratchiness
  • Blurred vision
  • Excess mucus around the eye
  • Redness
  • Light sensitivity
  • Impaired night vision
  • Feeling like something’s stuck in your eye
  • Frequent tearing

People with dry eye often find their eyes water a lot. The tears produced aren’t basal tears but consist mainly of water, which doesn’t have the same lubricating properties.


What causes dry eye?

Many things can trigger dry eye. Common causes include:

  • Some medication
  • Wind and sun exposure
  • Rosacea (an inflammatory skin condition)
  • Seasonal allergies like hay fever
  • Excessive screen time
  • Infrequent blinking

Autoimmune disorders like Sjögren’s syndrome and lupus often cause dry eye.

Your risk of developing dry eye increases with age. Women tend to suffer from dry eye more than men because of the hormonal changes they experience.

The Better Vision Eyecare team assesses your symptoms and does a thorough eye exam to diagnose dry eye. They might also measure tear production and quality.


How is dry eye treated?

Most people respond well to conservative dry eye treatment that can include:

  • Over-the-counter lubricants
  • Prescription eye drops
  • Dietary changes
  • Increased activity
  • Reduced screen time
  • Using eye protection in dry, windy conditions
  • Treating underlying conditions like Sjögren’s syndrome
  • Medication changes

Patients who don’t improve with these treatments might benefit from our in-office TearCare® System. This involves a 15 min session of precisely placed therapeutic heat and then the eye doctor will remove any obstructions of the glands allowing new oil to begin flowing. 

Call Better Vision Eyecare or book an appointment online today to receive fast, effective relief from dry eye.